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MVP x KingSize

Two powerhouses in the Big & Tall industry came together, and we all won.

KingSize, formerly KingSize Direct, has been around since 1920. They have been supplying the big and tall community with everything from shoes and accessories to basics and formal wear for years. They have been dependable and supportive to big bodies well before the industry started to take notice of us.

Enter MVP. Co-created by its namesake Mo Vaughn – former MLB first baseman, MVP with the Boston Redsox, and fellow big man with Diane Cutuli-Bennett, a fashion industry veteran – MVP Collections by Mo Vaughn Productions is fairly new to the big and tall community and it is taking the world by storm. Created in 2016, MVP is bringing fresh, fashion forward clothing to Big and Tall men and I am a huge fan of their collections.

So what do you get when these two brands come together? A match made in heaven in my opinion. I think MVP is bringing some great updated looks to the KingSize catalog, which is great because there are Big & Tall guys of all ages and backgrounds with a desire to feel stylish, partnered with the foundation and reliability of a brand that has been around for nearly 100 years. For a brand to last that long and still be thriving, you know they do not just partner with anybody. To me that means MVP is not only on trend, but also provides quality garments, which eases my mind when making a purchase.

I have done some work with MVP in the past, as a matter of fact I walked for them in my first ever runway show during Full Figured Fashion Week 2018 and more recently at Crusade of Curves 2019, however I have never taken their clothes for a practical spin, so I recently picked up a complete look and wore it during Curvy All-Stars Weekend in Manhattan Beach, CA. Check out my look and recap:

I love a good bomber jacket. It’s lightweight so you can wear it on a sunny day and not burn up, and it’s faux leather so you can sleep at night knowing you aren’t hurting any cows.

These are my new favorite pair of jeans. They fit perfect at the waist, they have great stretch, and they taper in all the right places to give a slimming look.

This is a great simple T-shirt but it has sleeves that fit close to your bicep to give a fitted look, a curved hem at the bottom to hide the belly and give you some shape, and the embossed gold foil logo adds just the right amount of flair.

Another great basic is this white button up shirt. It has stretch to give a break to you buttons when you sit, but it also has the chrome studded embellishments on the collar to give you some edge. Unfortunately this option is no longer available, but they have other similar choices. Click >>HERE<< to see more.

For years I was always frustrated with the options we had as big and tall men. I felt like we were an after thought. All that was ever offered to us was over-sized Hawaiian shirts and baggy jeans, but not any more. These two brands are raising the bar and setting the standard in the industry for Big & Tall fashion and I for one can’t wait to see where this collaboration goes from here!


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